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Hammer oilers are a staple of rock boring and HDD projects. Our hammer oiler is light and compact, providing a manageable solution to lubricating the Prospector Hammer. Our hammer oiler can be purchased in lieu of the Support Pack when purchasing our hammer system.

Our hammer oiler is an automatic oiler with a non-pressurized oil tank which also includes a 2,000 psi rated backflow preventer and a hand-operated stainless steel ball valve. It requires a steady stream of air and 12 volts from an electrical lead (included). It can then be customized to a preferred flow. You must have two connection points in order to use the hammer oiler; one connection for the air and oil supply, and a second connection for the water supply. The hammer oiler does not have a water pump. Most late model drills possess the capability to be able to use the hammer oiler. Please note that this is a manual machine, and cannot be operated by a remote. 


Hammer Lubrication Guide


Hammer Oiler Exploded View



Part Description  
PSP-0-8001 Hammer oiler Part PSP 0 8001



20' x 2" Air Hose

30' x 2" Air Hose

Part PSP1004
P1SP065 (1) - 2" Male hammer lock adapter Part P1SP065
P1SP073 (2) - 2" Female hammer lock adapters Part P1SP073
PSP1001 (4) - Whip check safety cables Part PSP1001