• Western mountain of Maryland, US
  • 500-ft (152 m) from limestone quarry


  • 3″ R Prospector Hammer System on a Vermeer D20x22
  • 200 psi x 400 cfm air compressor

Job Description:

  • Limestone
  • Several water service line bores under road averaging 60-ft (18m) in length. Only 3-ft (91 cm) deep at exit pit at the edge of road.

No need to anchor down the drill. Since the bores were short, rods were exposed to take the pitch out to eliminate steering up. There was no room to take the hammer off at the exit pit. In the photo, the bore is complete and hammer has been removed with lead rod, straight pull swivel was installed, pushed it back across to the pit, then pushed the straight pull swivel back across to the exit pit for connection to conduit.

Set up drill with the front end fully up, pushed out 2.5 rods, laid them flat on excavated ground. Pushed into the ground over the top of a water main at the edge of road at 3-ft (91 cm) deep. Entered rock. Steered when needed and entered into an exit pit. Bore was only 60-ft (18 m) in length. Exited at 4-ft deep.