Hammer Oiler

Hammer Oilers are a staple of rock boring and HDD projects. Our hammer oiler is light and compact, providing a manageable solution to lubricating the Prospector Hammer. Our Hammer Oiler can be purchased in lieu of the Support Pack when purchasing our hammer system. (Manual machine – Not controlled by remote control)

Our hammer oiler is an automatic oiler with a non-pressurized oil tank which also includes a 2000 psi rated backflow preventer and a hand-operated stainless steel ball valve. It requires a steady stream of air and 12 volts from an electrical lead (included). It can then be custom set to a preferred flow. You must have two connection points in order to use the Hammer Oiler. One connection for the air & oil supply. A second connection one for the water supply. The hammer oiler does not have a water pump. Most late model drills possess the capability to be able to use the hammer oiler.



Hammer Oiler

Hammer Oiler

Air Hose Package

  • PSP1005 20ft x 2in Air Hose
  • PSP1004 30ft x 2in Air Hose



Drilling Fluid Hose: 50ft x 1in hose with barbed adapter and filter



Two 2in Male Hammer Lock Adapters



Two 2in Female Hammer Lock Adapters



Four Whip Check Safety Cables

Whip Check Safety Cables