3” Prospector Hammer

Our 3″ R is known by smaller rig owners as a “game changer” for them, helping them complete bores and jobs which could not be completed otherwise. The hammer remains efficient due to small air compressor requirements and no need for other auxiliary equipment. In addition to our very high success rate, a big advantage of using the Prospector Air Hammer System is that there is little to no cleanup or environmental issues. The hammer requires only 1 to 3 gallons of water per minute.

Our 3” air hammer model cuts a 4.750 inch hole and operates effectively & efficiently on D9x13 up to D24x40. Air compressor requirements: 200 psi (14 bar) with a minimum of 400 cfm (11 m3/min) to operate effectively. All DCI transmitters, both 15” and 19”, work within the hammer and is wireline adaptable. Adapters are available for Subsite beacons.

The 3” Prospector model is also easy to maintain and service as it contains only 3 moving parts: the check valve, piston, and bit.

Pioneer One’s 3″ Prospector Hammer System

  • 1-Complete hammer with Bit
  • 1-Support Pack with wireless controlled air valve, drilling fluid pump that can pump ½ to 4 gallons per minute, and an automatic oiler with a non-pressurized tank.
  • 1-Wireless remote control to turn air ON/OFF or drilling fluid pump ON/OFF
  • 1-2in x 20-ft Air Line with fittings
  • 1-2in x 30-ft Air Line with fittings
  • 1-1in x 50-ft Drilling fluid hose with barbed adapter and filter
  • 4-Whip Checks (safety cables)
  • 2-2in Male Hammer Lock Adapters
  • 1-2in Female Hammer Lock Adapter

Options: Substitute a hammer oiler for the Support Pack. The hammer oiler is an automatic oiler with a non-pressurized oil tank which also includes a 2000 psi (138 bar) rated backflow preventer and a hand-operated stainless steel ball valve. The hammer oiler is a manual machine and must operated by hand.



Complete Hammer

  • 1.8 ° Bent Sub
  • 2.375″ Regular Pin Connection at Sonde Housing

Slant Face Bit

  • P13R8018 Button
  • P13R8022 Blue Max Button
  • P13R8018B Ballistic
  • P13R8025 Semi Ballistic

Sonde Carriage

  • P1T4175 Complete 15″ Sonde Carriage
  • P13BRT4146 Air Diffuser

Complete-Hammer Ballistic Bit pioneer.one.parts.2014-35 Sonde-Carriage


Spanner Wrench



T-Handle Wrench



Support Pack



Remote (Transmitter)


Air Hose Package

  • PSP1005 20ft x 2in Air Hose
  • PSP1004 30ft x 2in Air Hose



Drilling Fluid Hose: 50ft x 1in hose with barbed adapter and filter



Two 2in Male Hammer Lock Adapters



One 2in Female Hammer Lock Adapter


Four Whip Check Safety Cables

Whip Check Safety Cables