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Precision Directional Drilling

Pioneer One celebrates and embraces the rich history of the pioneer spirit, taking on new challenges every day to make the HDD process smarter, more efficient, and more manageable. We aim to make the impossible, possible through the highest quality product and on demand drilling services.

Our mission is to forge ahead and explore new ways to bring innovation and high-quality craftsmanship to drilling. Our ongoing commitment to research and development has helped establish our reputation for performance, reliability and excellence in service.

Pioneer One is managed by over fifty years of HDD experience and driven to provide unmatched service. This includes the development of tooling which provides unique and effective solutions for rock drilling.

Pioneer One – Making the impossible possible.


Location: Switzerland

Equipment: 4″ B Prospector Hammer System on a Vermeer D36x50. 300 psi x 975 cfm air compressor.

Job Description: Hard compacted and laminated sandstone ground. Pilot hole for power conduit.

Outcome: This bore was 600-ft (200 m) in length with a 150-ft increase in elevation from drill to exit pit.  We entered at -15% and exited at +56%.  Bore was complete in 2 days.