Precision Directional Drilling

The Prospector by Pioneer One offers you more distance per hour per day on your bores than ever before. It’s a proven piece of equipment for rock drilling and an economical solution to the expensive boring process.

Custom Parts and Services

Quality matters, both to the job or project and to your business reputation. All Pioneer One parts are machined at our shops and readily available. We also offer maintenance services in the field.

Customer Service

We offer around-the-clock customer service support. Our packages also include three days of on-site training with the Prospector hammer system.

With over 50 years in the HDD industry and by providing around the clock worldwide service, support, and training, Pioneer One provides the most productive, durable, and adaptable HDD air hammer systems on the market. Whether you are drilling in rock, dirt, or cobble, the Prospector Hammer System continues making the impossible, possible.